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28. October 2021
Dear Readers,

Visit us at IBC between 14 and 18 September 2018 at our booth 10.F 51 or at our partner booths. Benefit from meeting with one of the world’s most renowned research and innovation centres for audiovisual technologies.

Get an inspiring update on our project and research activities.

DAB+, RadioDNS, OMRI and HRadio
Hybrid Radio Everywhere and for Everyone

We present the European project HRADIO which aims to harmonize APIs in order to simplify the development of new hybrid radio apps on various platforms. HRadio is enabling the integration of cost-effective broadcast distribution with new online features for mobile applications, as well as for portals, connected radios and for car entertainment systems. Furthermore, we showcase our new test receiver DAB Scout 3 which is capable to receive an entire DAB multiplex.



Live IP, Production Networks, Remote Production and Contribution Networks

In December 2017, SMPTE published the first parts of the ST2110 standard, reaching a milestone in the migration of SDI to IP-based media houses and a building block on the way towards purely IT-based production. We inform you about consulting and testing services for Live-IP, production and contribution networks and remote production

Projects 5G-Today and 5G-Xcast

IRT is actively involved in several projects using mobile technology on broadcast infrastructure for free-to-air distribution of enhanced media services to TVs and smartphones. At IBC we inform about the recently started Bavarian project 5G-Today and we are showcasing a trail of the European project 5G-Xcast at EBU’s booth 10.F 20 realised during the recent European Championships.

HbbTV 2
Makes television even more flexible

Smart TVs based on HbbTV have arrived in many European households. Now the first devices with HbbTV 2 appear on the market. UHD streaming, HTML5 animations and synchronized apps on tablets and smartphones characterize the new standard. At the IBC we will be presenting a broad spectrum of new opportunities for TV broadcasters and viewers.

Make my “1, 2 oder 3”

In cooperation with ZDF, a prototype application for Smart TVs based on HbbTV 2 was developed for the children’s quiz show “1, 2 oder 3”. With a self-made sensor pad which connects to an HbbTV 2 application, children can play along with the TV show. The application combines technology education and interactive television while demonstrating new forms of TV interaction that go beyond classic second screen applications.

HbbTV IN OTT Platforms
Application Discovery over Broadband


The new HbbTV feature Application Discovery over Broadband (ADB) allows the start of HbbTV applications with the red button even if broadcast signaling is missing in cable or OTT networks. Therefore, the HbbTV Association uses the services of RadioDNS, a non-commercial organization that already provides such signalling for radio and IP services. A demo implemented in cooperation with Zattoo and TARA Systems shows the usage of HbbTV ADB to apply HbbTV to OTT platforms.



Media Synchronization - Video

As partner of the European project 2-IMMERSE, we are showcasing new possibilities to deliver personalized content and new camera perspectives on multiple screens. Using the MotoGP Motorcycle World Championship as an example, real-time data and racing cameras can be displayed on the second screen in addition to the racing action on Smart TV. 2-Immerse uses the media synchronization features and animated on-screen graphics of HbbTV 2.   

Media Synchronization - Audio

Movies in original sound, in other language versions or with barrier-free clean audio channels - the new HbbTV 2 standard enables audio content from various transmission channels (broadcast and Internet) to be played back synchronously on TV sets and mobile devices in the home network.

UHD Streaming

A further feature of HbbTV 2 is the possibility to display UHD streams if the Smart TV has  UHD capabilities. Using a prototypical HbbTV 2 application, we show how UHD content can be signaled in the current HD broadcast program and how then users can easily switch to the UHD version.

UHD Production and Distribution

EBU members including IRT and several technology partners realized an UHD test production during the European Championships 2018 in Berlin. This test production was recorded in 2160p resolution plus HDR (HLG/ITU-R BT.2100), HFR (2160p/100) and OBA (Object Based Audio). The demo can be visited at the EBU booth 10.F20.

IRT's virtual lab

With our mobile kiosk system, visitors can experience our innovations and research results. Whether subtitles for 360-degree videos, augmented reality or 5G, the video clips, animations and software demos provide a practical insight into our research work. Visit IRT Lab to try it out online.

Visit our partners
  • Touch & Switch product at Net Insight's booth 1.B 40
  • EBU’s ADM renderer for object-based audio (EAR) at EBU's booth 10.F 20
  • Collaborative innovation project 2-Immerse in the IBC Future Zone booth 8.F46
  • European initiative ImAC on accessibility for VR/360° at i3’s booth 8.B05
  • European Campionships showcases on UHD and 5G at EBU's booth 10.F20
  • DVB project at booth 1.D81 showing our demos “Media Synchronization – Audio” and “UHD Streaming”"
  • EU project MediaRoad session on how to enhance European media innovation, Sunday 16 September 14:00-15:00 at EBU's booth 10.F20

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Save the Dates!

9. + 10. October 2018 | Intensiv-Seminar | Akustik | Language German

15. October 2018 | Kolloquium | Design Thinking in the Media Sector, Jonna Iljin, Gofore Germany | Language Englisch  

22. + 23. October 2018 | Intensiv-Seminar | Adaptive Streaming & MPEG-DASH | Language German

24.-26. October 2018 | Conference| IRT@MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN | Language German

24. October 2018 | Kongress | 5G – Rundfunk in offenen Netzen und mit offenen Endgeräten | MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN | Language German

6. + 7. November 2018 | Intensiv-Seminar | HbbTV2 & Targeted Advertising | Language German

14.-17. November 2018 | Messe + Kongress | IRT@TONMEISTERTAGUNG | Köln

14. November 2018 | IRT-Thementag |Hörwelten: Audioangebote in Zeiten von Smart Speaker, Audio Streaming und Personal Audio |Messe, Köln | Language German

19. + 20. November 2018 | Intensiv-Seminar | IP Live in Studio und Produktion | Language German

22. November 2018 | Sandbox pitching in Munich – boosting media innovation | Language Englisch

4. + 5. December 2018 | International Intensiv-Seminar | Adaptive Streaming & MPEG-DASH | Language Englisch




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