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28. October 2021
Liebe Leserin, lieber Leser,

bald beginnt die IBC und wir bringen das Aktuellste aus unseren Laboren nach Amsterdam! Besuchen Sie uns vom 13. bis 17. September 2019 an unserem Stand 10.F 51 und an unseren Partnerständen bei der EBU und in der Future Zone. Treffen Sie unsere Expertinnen und Experten und profitieren Sie von einem der weltweit renommiertesten Forschungs- und Innovationszentren für audiovisuelle Technologien.

Erfahren Sie mehr über den Stand unserer Projekt- und Forschungsaktivitäten.

Unsere IBC-Themen:

Netzwerk Technologien
Eurofins Digital Testing bietet IMF/MXF Analyselösungen an
Mehrwert der UHD-Features
HbbTV 2 Interdevice Synchronisation
HbbTV 2 Universal Launcher App
5G Broadcast
DAB-IP Service Streaming
Augmented Reality in der TV Produktion
Weitere IRT-Projekte auf der IBC´19

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Bis bald in Amsterdam!


Hier beginnt unser englischsprachiger IBC-Newsletter.

Live IP, Production Networks, Remote Production and Contribution Networks

All-IP-based production is a long time coming. The IRT deals with open questions such as clock and synchronisation concepts, network and device management, analysis, and IT security: Within standardisation bodies, in research, in the development of a ST2110 analysis tool, and as a source of ideas. Benefit from our special role as a mediator between industry and broadcasters.

Eurofins Digital Testing to provide IMF/MXF analysis solutions for the digital media industry

Effective from 22 August 2019, IMF Analyser, MXF Analyser, and future related products, will be available exclusively from Eurofins Digital Testing, under an agreement recently finalised between Eurofins and IRT. Companies throughout the digital media supply chain will continue to enjoy the benefits from these market-leading solutions.


Added value of UHD features

UHD is the next big step in television technology. Traditional broadcasters start with on-demand offers and first test broadcasts. What are the benefits of the UHD formats, such as more pixels, more colours, more frames, and more dynamic in detail and in combination for the audience? IRT shows latest tests.

Interdevice synchronisation for a multi-screen experience

Smart TVs based on HbbTV 2 in combination with smartphones and tablets will expand the user experience. New ways for personalised audio, interactive applications, and additional video streams can be synchronised on multiple screens and even on augmented reality glasses in the home network.

Universal Launcher App for smartphones and tablets

With HbbTV 2, smartphones and tablets can be connected to the TV set. The interaction between large and small screens offers great potential for numerous TV applications, such as interactive games, personalised sound channels and many more. IRT's Universal Launcher App improves the usability and marketability of this feature.

Flexible infrastructure for broadcast and unicast

IRT is actively involved in several 5G projects. At EBU’s booth 10.F 20 RAI and IRT are showcasing a Release-14 FeMBMS end-to-end demonstrator and a multi-link for seamless switch between eMBMS and Unicast – e.g. for indoor or recovery of lost segments. Furthermore, IRT is informing about the Bavarian project 5G TODAY.

DAB-IP Service Streaming

IRT's demo shows how DAB-IP service streams can be extracted from a DAB multiplex and distributed online. The DAB-IP stream contains all important audio and data services based on the DAB standard. This makes it possible to switch seamlessly between DAB+ and IP streaming and to play back DAB-IP streams in an Internet browser. The demo is a result of the HRADIO project.

Adding virtual objects to TV studio scenes

IRT is testing Augmented Reality software and hardware that can be used to add virtual objects to studio scenes, e.g. for social media videos. In the demo we show a setup based on Apple devices, which enables the viewers to see the same virtual objects in the physical set. One device can be used for the moderation the other one for recording the augmented set.

Visit our experts and partners
  • European project HRADIO at booth 8.F30
  • European project ImAc at MEDIA Accessibility booth 8.F02
  • 5G Broadcast demo at EBU's booth 10.F20 
  • EAR Production Suite object-based audio at EBU's booth 10.F20
  • EBU open-source meetup on Saturday (16.00) at EBU's booth 10.F20
  • MediaRoad Sandbox prize ceremony on Sunday 15th (14:00) at EBU's booth 10.F20

Save the Dates!

23 September 2019 | Colloquia | Cross-modal media information processing, Prof. Dr. Kunio Kashino, NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan | English

30 September 2019 | Colloquia | Review IBC 2019, IRT | German

14 October 2019 | Colloquia | Final Workshop 5G TODAY, Project partner | German

23 – 25 October 2019 | Congress | IRT@MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN | München

24 October 2019 | Congress | Towards 5G Broadcast in Europe | MEDIENTAGE MÜNCHEN | München | English

11 November 2019 | Event | ARD-Jugendmedientag | German

25 November 2019 | Colloquia| 5G Xcast, Dr. Jordi Gimenez, IRT | English

3 – 4 December 2019 | Workshop FIT-PRO 19 | IRT | German

9 December 2019 | Colloquia | HbbTV | IRT | German


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