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3D Audio Lab

Spatial audio playback is increasingly becoming a reality – in movie theatres, living rooms and, not least, mobile devices. A new 3D Audio lab now enables audio playback in almost all known speaker formats. 

Have a look at our 3D Audio lab and click on the image.

The IRT has been actively researching practice-oriented transmission and playback systems for 3D audio for over 20 years. In the past, speaker systems had to be set up temporarily and with enormous effort in audio testing rooms and studios for research and development activities. A highly flexible 3D Audio Lab now enables audio playback in almost all known speaker formats through wave-field synthesis, higher order ambisonics and binaural – via speaker or headset. An aluminium profile system stretching across the entire room allows for the simultaneous three-dimensional positioning of up to 108 speakers. The 3D Audio Lab facilitates the optimisation of 3D audio playback, comparative measurements and listening tests.

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