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Surround Sound for Virtual Reality

The topics virtual reality, augmented reality and 360° video are gaining in importance, especially through the use on mobile devices. The IRT has devoted itself to the previously neglected topic spatial sound reproduction via headphones.

Especially with regard to the distribution of multi-channel productions - in radio, as well as in the film / video sector - IRT offers with an application for binaural playback the necessary tool to make multichannel sound on smartphones experienceable. By using different sensors in the smartphone the head position can be determined and the binaural playback can be dynamized. This enhances the immersive impression. Through the on-the-fly loading of different filter banks, the virtual space in which the listener is located can be changed. Likewise, the individual virtual surround speakers can be muted separately or solo, an option which is particularly useful for evaluation and test purposes. The app allows the loading of pure audio files as well as 360 ° video.



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