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Device security and signal protection

Today, along with the digitization of broadcasts and the trend towards interactive content, potential threats to broadcasters and device manufacturers are growing as well. The analogue TV sets of the past have been replaced by smart TVs connected to home networks and the Internet through dozens of apps that could potentially be manipulated by hackers. In order for users to flip through the list of channels without worries in the future, as well, the IRT is working on new standards for securing broadcasts against hackers.




At the same time, broadcasters and rights owners want to prevent the illegal retransmission of their content. Along with DVB and DAB, the focus is on Internet streaming, where a rapid development on behalf of the devices and applications is taking place. The issue of signal protection for the IRT does not mean the restriction of reception, as is the case with the encrypted pay TV. Instead, the correct reception of unaltered content for all broadcast participants is to be guaranteed.

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