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Smart Data for broadcasters

The handling of large amounts of data is nothing new for broadcasters. New in the phenomenon of "big data" is the importance of data as a factor for value creation. Thousands of posts and tweets about broadcasts contain opinions and feedback from users, and you can derive trends for the program design. In the journalistic field, big data methods can be of advantage if huge amounts of data have to be evaluated in order to investigate the actual story behind it. The keyword here is called "data journalism". Data collected when online offers are accessed on tablets, smartphones and SmartTVs can emphasize the relevance of topics and help to discover new media content through personalization.

In this still young topic, IRT deals with big-data applications for trend analyzes, recommendation systems and the analysis and optimization of IP and broadcast networks.


Internet offers and social media with discussion and commentary functions allow direct involvement of the audience in program planing. But for the editors, this means a huge amount of data, as the user naturally expects answers to his questions and suggestions, comments on certain positions, and everything in an acceptable reaction time.

The work of the IRT is conceptual and on a technical level - information from these communication paths should be prepared in a manageable, understandable and intuitive manner to facilitate the editorial work and to address participants more quickly and precisely. Current topics in this field are to be identified, grouped and prioritized (trending), whereby additional information in the direction of a crossmedial audience measurement could be detected. In doing so, the special requirements of public-law broadcasting on data protection and privacy as well as the possible porting of the proposed solutions to various cloud infrastructures during the design should be considered.

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