The Android and iOS operating systems familiar to users of smart phones and tablets are increasingly pushing into market segments that used to be reserved for broadcast specific systems. Android, above all, is aiming to become a universal operating system for the consumption of media content. It can already be found on TV sets from various manufacturers as “Android TV” and in some dashboard head units as “Android Car”.

With its know-how in transmission systems and services, the experts of the IRT develop apps based on Android for smart phones and tablet PCs with integrated and separate broadcast receivers. The apps serve as a test platforms for various new service scenarios and functionalities.

Android IRT HybridRadio

A SmartDevice running the Android operating system can quickly be turned into a digital radio as a test platform with the help of the IRT HybridRadio and a DAB-USB stick. LG’s new Stylus 2 DAB+ smart phone already has an integrated receiver. With the IRT HybridRadio, a test platform with many hybrid radio functionalities such as Radio-EPG, Radio-DNS, slide shows and radio texts opens up.

Furthermore, functions such as service following for automated switching between radio and Internet reception and the linking of radio programmes with accompanying Podcasts are realized.

Now cost-free available at Googles Play Store

Android DVB-T2 Full HD App

In cooperation with WDR, the IRT developed a DVB-T2 Full HD app for mobile devices running on the Android operating system. In addition to a smart phone or tablet PC, a DVB-T2-USB stick is required. The Android software supports channel search for DVB-T/T2 channels, the demultiplexing of the MPEG/DVB transport streams and the decoding of the services.