Digital Radio DAB+

Involved from the very beginning, the IRT made a decisive contribution to the development of DAB. The IRT even received the prestigious American Emmy media award for its cooperation in the global MPEG audio standard. Today, the IRT supports broadcasters, device manufacturers and the automobile industry with operational issues and the standardization of DAB+ and its services.

DAB test transmitter

Together with Bavarian Broadcasting Cooperation, IRT operates a test transmitter for testing purposes. The test signals are broadcasted via the Funkhaus and Freimann transmitters. Special configurations and new services can thus be tested without interfering with regular operations. The IRT offers tests and functional tests upon request.

DAB-Scout.3 test and reference receiver

DAB-Scout.3 test and reference receiver

This tool receive, decode and record DAB ensembles live using a suitable USB receiver or IP network. Recordings (with optional hardware) are created in EDI format and can be stored for later playback. The user interface provides a quick overview of the ensemble configuration as well as a detailed insight into the individual Fast Information Groups. Additional services are displayed in a service-oriented manner. The clear representation of the multiplex configuration makes it possible to recognize misconfigurations and to examine the multiplex for standard conformity.

Please note that due to the imminent liquidation of IRT, we cannot provide access to the Software for the time being. Any changes to this situation will be communicated here.


Android IRTDabPlayer

It all began with the DABerry. Based on the Raspberry PI hardware and a DAB-USB stick, the IRT developed a hybrid radio prototype. It enabled the implementation of numerous new extra features such as hybrid reception, EPG information, Podcast-on-demand and directly controllable web links for test purposes. Today, the functionalities are also available for the Android operating system with the IRTDABPlayer and can be quickly ported to a smart device or smart phone with DAB receiver. With this test platform, the IRT examines the possibilities of designing radio usage in a more individualised and personalised way – for example a skip function that exchanges individual programme content with a local audio database.

Logo Database

With the Logo Database the IRT in cooperation with ARD and Deutschlandradio offers device manufacturers central access to currently valid logos for their display applications.

The online database includes the brand logos of all participating broadcasters and all radio and television offers of ARD, Deutsche Welle and Deutschlandradio in various resolutions in PNG-format.

To use the logos free of charge, companies simply have to register at The companies are automatically informed about changes to the logos and the database content. The Logo Database has a navigation menu in German and English.

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