TPEG mobility information

TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group) is a standard family, on that basis traffic and travel information can be transmitted via digital radio and Internet (possibly also in hybrid interactions). The encoded data  informs the traveler via navigation system or smartphone app. TPEG is the successor to TMC (Traffic Message Channel), a development of the 1980s for the RDS system. Although TMC is broadcast successfully in the FM radio, it is limited in the further development because of the analogue FM transmission. The main advantages of TPEG are:

  •  Transmission via digital broadcasting systems and the Internet
  •  More accurate localization (by georeferencing the traffic points in a digital map)
  •  Highly detailed description of traffic events
  •  Possibility of distributing additional travel information, e.g. parking information, public transport and long-distance transport
  • Bundling of different services
  • Possibility of transmission of additional services (for example for weather information and major events)

International cooperation: TISA and BEST

In cooperation with international partners, the IRT generates solutions for the needs of broadcasting sector and industry. Research on the TPEG specifications is coordinated by TISA (Traveller Information Services Association), in which partners from Asia, America and Europe work on numerous applications for traffic conditions, travel time prediction, parking information and public transportation.

Among the IRT’s tasks is to technically implement the editorial requirements of broadcasters and other service providers into TPEG applications. With its own TPEG software tools, the IRT is able to setup the entire transmission chain consisting of encoder, inserter and decoder in compliance with standards.

As a member of the BEST consortium(Broadcasters’ European Solution for Travel information), which represents the interests of public broadcasters for traffic and travel information services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the IRT consults on technical issues, works on current themes on a global and international level, and coordinates the office in Munich.

More information about BEST:

To the TISA website:

Project e-GAP: the route to vacant charging stations

In the Bavarian project e-GAP, the IRT is developing an application for electromobility information based on TPEG. The app enables drivers of e-cars in Garmisch-Partenkirchen to quickly find a vacant charging station.  Other features of the electromobility information that will be offered in a uniform format in the future are the capacity of charging parks, the operator’s contact data, payment options and a reservation function for charging stations. 

More information about e-GAP:


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