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Contribution networks


High-speed networks have become part and parcel in the field of contribution, feed and distribution and have long become an operational reality. There is an increasing number of areas of application for mobile contribution and feed via the Internet. The IRT experts have been researching the performance of various network technologies for contribution networks for several years, supporting the broadcasters with the planning and launch, and are offering measuring services ranging from pilot tests to final release measurements.

Connecting mobile reporters

Modern network technologies offer new possibilities for the connection of mobile reporters, external teams and broadcast vans with the studios of the radio broadcasters. Journalists can transmit their contributions via mobile or DSL to the studio. LTE and WLAN hot spots offer video journalists the possibility to deliver their current contributions quickly and from wherever they may be. Thanks to the continuously increasing quality of the audio/video apps on mobile devices, mobile reporters have entirely new options.

The IRT conducted its own tests regarding the performance and quality of the various technologies for alternative methods of connection for mobile reporters/broadcast vans. Further studies dealt with the security of this connection via (telecommunication) networks. IRT provides consultation and support in the use of telecommunication networks for the connection of mobile teams as part of joint pilot installations and field tests, concise project planning and implementation, and with the impartial evaluation of already planned and applied usage scenarios.

Local and wide area networks

IRT offers consultation with regard to the installation of local and long-distance networks for contribution, feed and distribution. It supports strategic planning along with the start-up and release (including requirement and service specifications). We develop solutions for various broadcast specific requirements, evaluate existing network structures and new network concepts, and do the necessary measurements in these network structures.

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