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Cloud Production

With cloud computing, the current IT trend, data and applications no longer need to be stored on a proprietary PC or server but can be outsourced and operated in a public or proprietary corporate cloud, far removed from each other. For broadcasters, demand-oriented and cost-efficient, scalable production possibilities result. In a series of projects, the IRT is examining the opportunities and risks of cloud computing in broadcasting.

Portals for production

An increasing number of products in the production environment are offered as portal solutions. The users can do individual steps in the production process such as raw cutting, metadata entry or research on the main networked system in a decentralized way via PC, tablet PC or even smart phone. The IRT examines and tests various such portal solutions with regard to broadcast requirements. The operability, MXF-interoperability and browser behaviour are investigated, and the systems are subjected to various network stress tests.

Filesync and –sharing

How would it feel if you had unlimited access to your data, regardless of your location or device? The brave new world of cloud computing promises precisely that, and services such as Dropbox et al. have conquered the market overnight. However, recent data scandals have increased suspicion about the security and reliability of such solutions since the data is stored on the provider’s server. Many of these companies have their headquarters and computer centres outside of Germany or the European Union and often have terms and conditions that are questionable with regard to data protection laws. The IRT has committed itself to this theme with a special focus on the requirements of broadcasters. First, the requirements of such services were defined, and then the various solutions available on the market were examined – to be precise: IDGard, Syncplicity and Owncloud. Operability, functionality and management issues stood in the foreground, alongside control functions, security mechanisms and the data protection of such solutions, which were examined with a special focus on use in broadcasting and broadcast production.

MXF Analyser Cloud Service

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