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In IT-based television production, the maximum interoperability of the various software components can be achieved only with a uniform and standardised file format. The Material Exchange Format (MXF), standardised since 2003, has established itself in tapeless production and archive structures as a central file format for the exchange of audio-visual material and metadata.

The IRT has been playing an active role in the standardisation of MXF and, to a special degree, considered the EBU requirements for this format. Our employees developed the MXF Software Development Kit (SDK) in close collaboration with the company MOG Solutions.

In addition, IRT advises broadcasters on the introduction and usage of MXF in IT-based television production, program exchange and archiving.

Eurofins Digital Testing to provide IMF/MXF analysis solutions for the digital media industry

Exclusively and for the global market Eurofins will further develop the IRT products IMF and MXF Analyser. The aim is to combine technical media validation with production and distribution workflow business intelligence for production and sales.

IMF and MXF solutions will be available directly from Eurofins beginning September 2019.

Eurofins Digital Testing

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The Material Exchange Format (MXF) is a file format for interchanging and storing audiovisual material, standardised by SMPTE.

Due to its flexibility, extensibility and the tight integration between essence and metadata MXF is becoming the file format of choice to interchange and store finished or “almost finished” audiovisual material and associated metadata.

In close cooperation with MOG Solutions IRT has developed the first commercially available and most complete MXF Software Development Kit (SDK).


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