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Remote / Smart production

Due to constantly increasing cost pressure, broadcasters are looking for new, cost-efficient production methods. With its knowledge of audio-visual standards, production technology and in the field of network technologies, the IRT supports broadcasters with smart and remote production.




Smart production

“Smart production” is the use of alternative, cost-efficient production tools in professional media production. In addition to hardware and equipment from the consumer segment (e.g., HD cameras), software applications are increasingly included with these tools. Applications that, for example, enable access to central editorial or other production systems in mobile reporting via the help of mobile end devices fall under this category. But systems that are fully hosted externally “in the cloud”, even for live productions, also exist. Depending on the use of the services, fees are charged for them. The integration of such applications in existing system landscapes, however, is often connected with problems due to the lack of standardized interfaces. The IRT is working on solutions and is committed to participating in the relevant standardization committees.

Remote production

“Remote production” is considered a segment of smart production. The new technologies today enable the realization of a production from the broadcaster’s studio editing office with less technology and fewer engineers on site, who only take over the task of setting up and servicing the technology on the set. The camera and audio signals are transmitted to a studio editing office via the IP network instead of processing them on site in the broadcast van. The IRT supports the broadcasters with practical tests. In addition to device selection and configuration, video encoding formats and IP bandwidths play a decisive role with regard to signal delay and picture quality

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