Out of the classroom, into the working world!

Students can work at IRT as trainees, temporary employees, graduate-degree candidates or doctoral candidates. Our job offers are directed at young men and women who are enrolled in a technical/engineering course of studies at an institution of higher education. We are particularly interested in students who specialise in one of the following: e.g. Electrical Engineering,High-Frequency Engineering, Computer Science, Media Engineering, Information Technology, Communications Engineering and Sound Engineering.


Career starts for students

Develop with us the media and communication technologies of the future

As an internationally renowned research and competence centre for broadcast and media technology, we have cutting edge technical equipment offer optimal working and research conditions. Embedded in European broadcasting sector, you work closely with broadcasters and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). You also cooperate with industry partners, research institutes and university institutions in research projects.



Job offers for people with job experience and graduates