Graduate-Degree Candidate (Diplomand)

There are many good reasons to write your thesis at IRT: a practically oriented topic awaits you instead of abstract theory, you benefit from our ideal research environment, and our experienced specialists are always there to lend a helping hand. Last but not least, we will pay you a monthly stipend in recognition of your work. We are looking for university students who have earned above-average marks during the first half of an appropriate degree programme. We are particularly interested in candidates who have already completed a professional traineeship in broadcast technology or a similar field.

Barbara Fichte, age 25

Technical University of Munich, Informatics
Graduate-degree candidate in the Department Production Technologies

„The IRT was my first and only choice for a graduate-degree position. I wanted to write a thesis on XML technologies and projects in this field are rare. A professor at the TU Munich mentioned the Graduate-degree Programme at the IRT and that’s how I came here - and ended up in a great team. I'm glad it all works out so well. The working atmosphere is just perfect for me. I could instantly plunge deep into my subject and worked through till the code was finished. My work has been incorporated directly into projects on subtitles, so I haven’t taken all the trouble only for a master's thesis."
Meanwhile Barbara Fichte is permanently employed at the IRT.