Temporary student employee

A brief period of work during your course of studies is the ideal way to get your first exposure to the working world. IRT gives temporary student employees the opportunity to contribute to challenging projects in any of a number of different departments. University students who have earned above-average marks in an appropriate course of studies are invited to apply. Compensation is determined by the number of semesters you have completed and by the duration of your contract.

Felix Oberhardt, age 24

University of Applied Sciences at Mittweida, Industrial Management/Media Engineering
Temporary Student Employee in the Department Production Technologies

„I am at IRT since my internship in the 3rd Master semester. The subject of my internship project and the professional environment made me apply for a position as temporary student employee. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, the colleagues are experts in their fields and the technical equipment is up to date. As my daily business is the subjective evaluation of video/encoder quality, I'm usually in our studio on the devices and rarely at my desk. I can work independently and use all the equipment, as I need it. Thanks to the good integration in the project team, I quickly learned to know the procedure in research processes. This is practical experience I could not gather by merely studying. Because I really like the work I’m doing, I decided to write my Master thesis at IRT. "

Meanwhile Felix Oberhardt finished his master's thesis at IRT.