Traineeship (Praktikum)

Making coffee and copies? Not at all! We offer trainees an exciting opportunity to experience the world of work and research at IRT. Our student trainees are entrusted with a high degree of responsibility and can apply their classroom knowledge during fascinating projects. We encourage university students who earn above-average marks in an appropriate course of studies to apply for a traineeship, to be performed in the context of your "practical semester" or between semesters. Compensation is determined by the number of semesters you have completed and by the duration of your contract.

Dominik Garsche, age 21

University of Applied Sciences at Düsseldorf, Media Technology
Practical semester in the Department AV Technologies

„At FKTG-Conference I got into conversation at the IRT’s booth. I really enjoyed that I, obviously a student, was treated exactly like any other visitor and all my questions were answered. Curious about the presented topics, I applied for an internship at the IRT for my practical semester. Although I still pursue a Bachelor’s degree, I was granted responsibility for my own project. Of course my supervisor looked over my shoulder regularly and there was always someone to answer my questions. But actually I completed my first own project in these three months. In addition to that, I had the opportunity to get a varied insight into scientific workflows and various projects. The short internship got my enthusiastic about my topic, so I decided to stay at the IRT to write about it on my bachelor thesis. I’m confident that moving from Dusseldorf to Munich payed of. "

Meanwhile Dominik Garsche completed his bachelor thesis and moved for the Master Programme to Munich