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Theses and working student activities

in the field of „Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning“

The rise of deep learning has created numerous promising opportunities for improvement in media related fields. However, there are still open challenges and hot research topics to explore in several applications.

To support our project team, we offer several theses and working student activities on the following topics:

  • Bachelor Thesis on the topic „Data aggregation for Natural Language Processing for the German language“ STA-P01-2020
  • Working Student on the topic „Enhancing machine learning training datasets“ STA-P02-2020
  • Master Thesis on the topic „Towards german fake news detection using deep learning“ STA-P03-2020
  • Master/Bachelor Thesis on the topic „Deep learning applications in the media field“ STA-P04-2020

Theses and working student activities related to the research project dwerft-2

rund um das Forschungsprojekt dwerft-2

Traditionally decoupled systems in all areas of the media world (idea, conception, production and archiving) must be connected in order to meet today‘s requirements of media consumption. This is the goal of the research project “dwerft-2 (www.dwerft.de).
To support our project team, we offer several theses and working student activities on the following topics:

  • Research of mechanisms for metadata enrichment STA-P09-2019
  • Evaluation of audio and video analysis systems for automated keyword generation STA-P08-2019

Bachelor/Master Thesis

on the topic „Comparison of different measurement methods to evaluate subjective image quality“

For the introduction of new video formats (e.g. UHDTV), image quality studies must first be carried out in order to then make usable decisions on video parameters. In addition to purely objective measurement methods (e.g. PSNR) or subjective tests with test persons, there are also various subjective measurement methods for determining the image quality, which take into account the human sense of sight and the different perception of colour, dynamics, resolution, coding artifacts, etc. In your thesis you will mainly examine the extent to which the measurement methods differ or are suitable depending on the genre or field of application.

Job offer STA-P06-2019

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