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IRT and Cube-Tec cooperate to improve MXF interoperability in file-based media operations


Bremen/Munich September 10th 2012 – In larger media organisations MXF experts still stay busy all the day to solve compatibility issues arising in the different file-based workflows. The goal of this cooperation is to provide intelligent tools to reduce the effort needed to achieve reliable interoperability.
Cube-Tec’s MXF Legalizer is designed to solve typical interoperability problems with MXF containers fully automated. While MXF expert knowledge is used inside of MXF Legalizer, the user interface is straightforward and the MXF container compliance processing does not require any MXF expert knowledge at all. Within MXF Legalizer no video re-encoding is performed securing avoiding any deterioration of the media quality. The video essence remains complete untouched. With MXF Legalizer most MXF files can be made interoperable in a fully automated high-speed process.
IRT's MXF Analyser Professional is a powerful tool for MXF experts to detect violations of standards compliance and to identify causes of interoperability failure. MXF Analyser has become the reference tool for the MXF analysis.
Cube-Tec’s MXF Legalizer has to decline all files which cannot be processed automatically. Up to now, these files had to be handled again manually by MXF experts. With the integration of the IRT MXF Analyser and analysing and interpreting its results by Cube-Tec’s Rule Engine the appropriate workflow decision accordingly to the clients business process can be automated.
Even if an automatic exception processing is not required, clear and easily understandable handling suggestions can be generated by the Rule Engine. This saves cost and lowers stress and helps to get on top of the massive increasing number of MXF files which has to be processed day-by-day. MXF Legalizer can easily be plugged-in in existing file-based workflows. Optionally, MXF Legalizer can also correct loudness of the output file according to the EBU R 128 recommendation.

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