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24th HbbTV Interoperability Workshop


IRT invites to the 24th HbbTV Interoperability Workshop, which will run from Wednesday 13th April 2016 to Thursday 14th April 2016.
1st  Day - Wednesday 13th April 2016,
2nd  Day - Thursday 14th April 2016
As you know the Plugfest will be held under the auspices of the HbbTV Association at the IRT.
For the workshop we expect the usual applications for testing as they are used currently in the market.
We also plan to do intensive testing of DASH live streaming according to the HbbTV 1.5 profile as this is planned to be used for a number of HD live streams during the Olympic Games in Rio this August.
Besides this, we will provide for testing a number of already known HbbTV 2.0 features, but also of new ones like DVB-CSS (companion screensync) and ad insertion/ ad replacement.
1. Find the registration form under:
(excel-file with details to payment conditions, please send back as soon as possible).
2. Please confirm your attendance ideally up to Friday 1st April, by sending back the Excel-file attached
(To:)  Mr. Klaus Merkel, E-Mail: klaus.merkel @ .
The next 25th HbbTV Interoperability Workshop will take place from 20th to 21st July 2016.

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