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Continuous Loudness Controller

The new reference for automated realtime correction of loudness and loudness range

With the emergence of the international standards ITU-R BS.1770 and EBU R 128 levelling with respect to loudness has started during the past years its worldwide triumph in broadcast industry. The reduction of inconvenient loudness jumps together with the improvement of speech intelligibility are the essential benefits emanating from this change of paradigm and are eminently suitable for further increasing consumer satisfaction. Practice experience, however, clearly shows that the perceptible performance of loudness correction is crucially dependent on the technical implementation of the proposed standards.

IRT took the opportunity and intensively dealt with the development of user friendly and reliable solutions for the adaptation of loudness levels. As a result of this effort, IRT is presenting the Continuous Loudness Controller, the first next generation technology for automated realtime correction of loudness and loudness range according to EBU R 128.

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