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DAB-Scout.2 - Your DAB test and reference receiver for DAB and DAB+

With the DAB-Scout.2, successor of the well-known DAB-Scout, you can have a quick and easy look at the services in a DAB ensemble, and can analyze in detail the signaling of a DAB-multiplex.

The DAB-Scout.2 software is installed on a PC or laptop. The DAB data is supplied via a USB DAB-receiver which can directly be operated via the DAB-Scout.2 software.

The current DAB-Scout.2 software can be downloaded via the download link on the right-hand side. The software can be evaluated without license activation for 15 days. Afterwards an activation key is required which can be purchased from the IRT Webshop.

With the optionally available TPEG decoder plugin you can additionally decode TPEG data, and display the TPEG messages.

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