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MXF Certification

Certification of conformity to the “ARD-ZDF MXF Profiles”

Are you looking for a way to ensure that your MXF files are conform to the MXF profiles of the public German broadcasters ARD and ZDF?

We have the solution for you! Just send us your files, and we analyse their conformity for you. Validated files earn an according IRT-certificate.

The MXF files created and provided by our clients are not only validated regarding their conformity to the ARD-ZDF MXF profiles, but also against the MXF standard itself.

In the frame of the analysis, the MXF container properties as well as relevant properties of the included essence(s) are reviewed to the effect whether they comply with the requirements of the ARD-ZDF MXF profiles relevant to our client and of the MXF standard.

In the frame of the conformance testing an individual MXF file is tested against a specific ARD-ZDF MXF profile.

The conformity of an analysed MXF file is then confirmed in all cases where no deviations from the applied MXF profile and the MXF standard were identified.

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