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Technical Guidelines (without costs)

Technical guidelines for TV productions in HD and SD

The Technical Guidelines – HDTV are periodically revised by the TPRF Working Group and aligned with the current technical standards. Relevant amendments, modifications, and revisions are noted in each new edition. The specifications in each edition remain in force up to the publication of the next edition. Interim versions of the TPRF-HDTV Guidelines contain amendments and revisions for purposes of information and clarification as well as minor modifications, and they are identified by a new status date.

Technical guideline TPRF-HDTV – Status of November 2016

Technical guideline TPRF-SDTV 

Please find information on the introduction of MXF Profile (ARD_ZDF_HDF) as an ARD / ZDF standard here.

ARD/ZDF – Speech intelligibility in Television (only available in German)

XML format for the distribution of subtitles for catch-up TV

EBU-TT-D-Basic-DE, German only

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