MXF related guidelines

The MXF profiles of ARD, ZDF, ORF and ARTE specified for HD/SD programme contributions can be found here. The profiles are only available in English.

Since April 4, 2017 the profiles are available in version 1.2. The changes to version 1.1 essentially consist of further explanations on individual file properties as well as minor bug fixes. Files conforming to version 1.1 also remain conform to version 1.2!

ARD_ZDF_HDF01a XDCAM 422, 1080i/25, 8 Audio Tracks v1.2  DOWNLOAD
ARD_ZDF_HDF01b XDCAM 422, 1080i/25, 16 Audio Tracks v1.2  DOWNLOAD
ARD_ZDF_HDF02a AVC-I 100, 1080i/25, 8 Audio Tracks v1.2  DOWNLOAD
ARD_ZDF_HDF02b AVC-I 100, 1080i/25, 16 Audio Tracks v1.2  DOWNLOAD
ARD_ZDF_HDF03a AVC-I 100, 750p/50, 8 Audio Tracks v1.2  DOWNLOAD
ARD_ZDF_HDF03b AVC-I 100, 750p/50, 16 Audio Tracks v1.2  DOWNLOAD

For profiles with the MPEG2 Long GOP format (HDF01a/b), the following document contains a recommendation for handling time codes in the MXF file. The guideline is only available in English.

Recommended Practice MXF Timing for ARD_ZDF_HDF01a/b  DOWNLOAD

MXF profiles were also specified for SD, which are intended as recommendations, e.g. for larger archive transfers.

ARD_ZDF_SDF02 DVbased50, 576i/25, 8 Audio Tracks v1.0  DOWNLOAD
ARD_ZDF_SDF01 D10, 576i/25, 1 Audio Track (8-channels) v1.0  DOWNLOAD

Here you find information on the introduction of MXF Profile (ARD_ZDF_HDF) as an ARD / ZDF standard  DOWNLOAD

Signaling of HDR in MXF for H.264 MORE

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