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Loudness Live

Within the cooperative project Loudness Live IRT together with high-end broadcast equipment manufacturer RTW will develop a high quality, user-friendly and reliable system for loudness control in broadcasting live operation.

The overall objective of the Loudness Live project is the creation of a technical system for loudness adjustment of a linear broadcast program with consistently high audio quality without the need for manual intervention, for example, the change of the configuration parameters. For this purpose, the current reference technology for PC systems, the "CLC algorithm" (Continuous Loudness Control) engineered at IRT for controlling loudness and loudness range according to EBU R 128 will be completely rebuilt on a microcontroller-based hardware platform.

Extensive studies have to be conducted and new function modules are being developed for the algorithm’s utilization on a broadcast transmitting processor. Audio quality and reliability in the processing of critical, natural audio will be increased. The envisaged use as transmitting processor also requires a simplification of the GUI as well as increasing the level of automation when configuring the CLC algorithm, which to make operation simple and safe.

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