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ORPHEUS aims to create a complete object-based audio chain, implemented for a real-life broadcasting scenario under the conviction that object-based production has a profound effect on all stages of media content creation, deployment and consumption.

ORPHEUS will deliver a sustainable solution, ensuring that workflows and components for object-based audio scale up to enable cost-effective commercial production, storage, re-purposing, play-out and distribution. The ultimate aim is to bring the fascinating experience of object-based content to mass audiences at no added cost. ORPHEUS will demonstrate the new prodigious user experience through the realisation of close-to-market workflows, proofing the economic viability of object-based audio as an emerging media and broadcast technology. ORPHEUS will publish reference architecture and guidelines on how to implement object-based audio chains.


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Ralf Neudel
General Manager
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Hans-Peter Brand
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Helga Jäger-Bauer
Administrative Assistent
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