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SAVIDO, a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the project partners develop a rendering platform for 360° video and object-based 3D audio, which allows, regardless of the terminal capacity to display immersive and interactive content on the end user device. SmartTVs, HbbTV and mobile platforms and browsers alike serve as a terminal. Using the remote control, the mouse or the orientation of the mobile device, the head orientation of the viewer is detected and transmitted to the rendering platform. Based on the information about the audio playback system (stereo, 5.1, binaural, etc.) only the required image and audio segment will be prerendered and streamed to the client. Therefore, the bandwidth required is not higher for the 360° ​​content than regular content. In addition to the orientation of the viewer more interactions will be enabled - either through annotation or modification of the audio objects. The platform shall provide the tools in hand of the producers to bring interactive 360​° content into the living room. The cloud-based approach allows scaling to go downmarket.

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