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The 2-IMMERSE project will create a platform, reference architecture and exemplar services that will open up a number of opportunities and challenges for the delivery of shared and personalized audience experiences across multiple screens, multiple content genres and multiple situations (home, schools and in public venues). New multi-screen services will merge content from broadcast and broadband sources. The level of ambition will increase with each trial increasing the level of innovation starting with an integration of available services across multiple screens and recorded coverage of theatre performances (VOD) and progressing to the delivery of ‘conceived for multi-screen’ live sport in a public venue.

The goal of 2-IMMERSE is to allow TV service providers to break free from the constraints of rendering a broadcast stream onto a single 16x9 frame and to develop compelling experiences that combine synchronised, interactive and customizable content service applications (Distributed Media Apps) to provide individual and shared content customized to the number and type of screens available and the preferences of the audience. In doing so our aim is to open up to audiences capabilities for configuration and control only available currently to producers and presenters. These services may offer, for example, access to and control over supplementary content such as real time and slow motion replays; data visualisations; statistics; as well as social media type functions such as quizzes, polls and the opportunity to comment.

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