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"IL PLUS - extension of an intelligent charging infrastructure by the system components parking space detection and reservation"

As the work of the current e-GAP joint project "Smart charging infrastructure" and other research projects show, especially the illegal parking issue on e-parking spaces, as well as the lack of a reservation possibility is a major problem in terms of end-user acceptance and cost-effectiveness.

Based on the results of e-GAP a provider open and as retrofit operational hardware/software solution for parking area recognition is designed based on the existing communication chain charging station - > backend -> TPEG playout platform. In addition, a reservation application is developed based on the TPEG-EMI applications and its data. With the help of this application, a reservation request can be made to the appropriate back-end system, and the response of that system reflects back to the end user.

In the “IL Plus” project IRT will deal in particular with R&D for adaptive reservation of public charging stations, as well as expanding the TPEG system by a reservation function incl. the definition of interfaces and protocols. The results are then incorporated into the TPEG standardization. In addition the end-user application is widened out to a reservation function.

Das IRT wird sich in IL Plus insbesondere mit Forschungs- und Entwicklung zur adaptiven Reservierung von öffentlichen Ladesäulen auseinandersetzen, sowie das TPEG-System um eine Reservierungsfunktion erweitern inkl. Definition der Schnittstellen und des Protokolls. Anschließend werden die Ergebnisse in die TPEG-Standardisierung eingebracht. Darüber hinaus erfolgt eine Erweiterung der Endnutzerapplikation um eine Reservierungsfunktion.



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