5G Media

A dynamic and flexible service virtualisation platform for media applications

5G-MEDIA is an EU project with 14 partners from the fields of telecom and cloud providers, application developers, service providers as well as broadcasting and research and runs from June 2017 to November 2019. 5G-MEDIA is a research project within the European initiative 5G-PPP. While in earlier phases of 5G-PPP the focus was on network architectures, technologies and infrastructures for the 5G network standard, 5G-MEDIA aims to link media-related applications with the underlying 5G networks.

Goals of 5G-MEDIA
Based on the results of previous 5G-PPP projects, an agile programming, verification and orchestration platform for services using open source software will be offered. For the user this platform enables to use necessary functions co-ordinated with the underlying workflow. In addition, network functions and applications with varying requirements for 5G network technology are developed and demonstrated. In three use case scenarios enclosing the areas of Virtual Reality, Smart Production, User Generated Content as well as UHDTV and CDN networks are mapped.

Three use case scenarios

In the use case for immersive applications and virtual reality, the quality of real-time-based 3D media applications with several spatially separated participants is to be ensured and improved. The application projects the users into a common virtual environment. This puts very high requirements on the network and the applications.

The Remote and Smart Production and User Generated Content application is designed to provide broadcasters with a scalable, flexible production environment while integrating user generated content. Means of production for remote and smart production in combination with virtual functions, such as video compressors in the cloud, are expected to offer great potential for reducing costs.

When transmitting UHD material via a Content Delivery Network, the distribution of 4K/8K content over a dynamic network and cross-device usage will be optimized. The aim is to improve economic and secure programme distribution in order to find new market opportunities. In contrast to the best-effort principle known today, streaming as a service concept is to be applied. Requirements such as short latency and sufficient bandwidth are adapted to the content dynamically.

In 5G-MEDIA, IRT coordinates the development of media-specific applications and services as well as the validation of the 5G-MEDIA platform for usage in the Remote and Smart Production scenario.

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