linked metadata for media

dwerft - linked metadata for media - is a regional research alliance focusing on innovative media technologies. Its partners are predominantly located in and around Babelsberg which, historically, is the centre of the German film industry. dwerft's vision is to interlink the entire value chain of moving image production by ensuring lossless storage and semantic connection of metadata in a highly capable database, the Linked Media Data Cloud (LMDC).

In six sub-projects, the alliance partners are also researching and developing various innovative media technologies for digital media production: algorithms and artificial intelligence for image and speech recognition, block chains for billing systems, file-based media cloud workflows, automated subtitling for cross-media distribution, applications for non-fictional productions as well as intelligent interfaces to external archives and editorial databases.

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of one of its regional growth programmes.

IRT expects that its participation in the project will result in an efficient and completely interconnected media value chain as a whole ensuring that metadata generated in it can be made available individually and intuitively to all those involved. IRT is responsible for the technical and scientific coordination of the project.


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