The European audio-visual and radio sector has long led the world in its collaborative development of technology, standards and content. Due to media convergence and global competition, media organizations now face challenges from disruptive technology and business models. New policy agendas require their proactive and coordinated attention. MediaRoad, an innovative coordination project, strengthens the European media and creative industry with following activities:

-          The Sandbox Hub enables media organizations to create a series of interlinked incubators or Sandboxes, where start-ups can test and scale innovative concepts in operational environments.

-          The Policy Hub develops policy visions for the whole radio and AV sector on topics such as the EU research agenda, AI, disinformation, training and regulatory issues.

-          The Network Hub creates a series of events to bring together broadcasters, researchers, content creators, technologists and entrepreneurs to inspire collaborations and share knowledge.

During its first project year, the MediaRoad Sandbox Hub grew to 11 members throughout Europe, established incubator initiatives as well as newly founded local sandboxes. Amongst them, over 40 start-ups are active. More than 35 stakeholders are already supporting the MediaRoad initiative. 6 MediaRoad-organised networking events have been organised, others were supported – several more are in the pipeline for this year. The Policy Hub has, amongst others, provided a first version of a vision document, which will be updated in 2019.

The MediaRoad consortium is led by EBU and includes some of Europe’s most prominent broadcasters (BBC, RAI, VRT and the Association of European Radios), who will work alongside leading media research institutes (IRT, EPFL and IMEC) and independent producers (CEPI TV). The project runs until October 2019.

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