5G-Xcast (Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for the Fifth Generation of Wireless Systems) will devise, assess and demonstrate a conceptually novel and forward-looking 5G network architecture exploiting delivery modes for unicast, multicast, broadcast as well as local caching. A dynamically adaptable 5G network architecture with layer independent network interfaces to dynamically and seamlessly switch between unicast, multicast and broadcast modes is devised alongside solutions for free-to-air linear media distribution (e.g. live TV services), public safety or IoT.

The role of IRT in the project is to ensure that the 5G ecosystem can be configured in a way to accommodate traditional and novel media services. Therefore, the corresponding network interfaces to content service providers, the required call-flows within the core network and air-interface and framing aspects have been designed accordingly.

One of the main goals of 5G-Xcast is to demonstrate the feasibility of the key technology innovations of the project for the M&E vertical. IRT, besides being net contributor in different technical work packages, play a key role as the company leading work package WP6 (Test-Bed Integration, Validation and Demonstration).

IRT has brought to the project the Munich city and urban test-bed resulting from the IMB5 project. The test-bed is updated with the latest features in order to demonstrate key innovations of the project such as MooD (MBMS on Demand) or 3GPP-WiFi MultiLink. IRT has successfully demonstrated the possibilities for free-to-air Terrestrial Broadcast distribution in 5G alongside hybrid experiences with additional content served to particular users on demand.

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