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5G-Xcast (Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for the Fifth Generation of Wireless Systems) consortium will devise, assess and demonstrate a conceptually novel and forward-looking 5G network architecture for large scale immersive media delivery. The project objectives are to develop broadcast and multicast point to multipoint (PTM) capabilities for 5G considering M&E (Media and Entertainment), automotive, IoT and PWS use cases. 5G-Xcast will first design a dynamically adaptable 5G network architecture with layer independent network interfaces to dynamically and seamlessly switch between unicast, multicast and broadcast modes or use them in parallel and exploit built-in caching capabilities to later experimentally demonstrate the 5G key innovations developed in the project.

One of the main goals of 5G-Xcast is to demonstrate the feasibility of the key technology innovations of the project for the M&E vertical, as one of the main drivers of 5G and one of the most important 5G verticals in Europe. IRT, besides being net contributor in five different work packages, will play a key role in this task being the company leading work package WP6 (Test-Bed Integration, Validation and Demonstration). WP6 that will integrate PoC prototypes developed into the available test-beds and will support the effort for testing and demonstration under the use cases defined in the scope of the project.

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