The IMB5 project consortium explores how a future standard could be implemented for the common transmission of broadcast and mobile network services in a technically and economically efficient manner.
First, the partners create a network infrastructure concept, followed by field trials to evaluate the possibilities of the existing and standardized LTE service eMBMS related to the requirements of broadcasting. Necessary extensions and modifications for the LTE standard in direction 5G shall be identified to allow scalable and thus economic network topologies. The alternative operating modes “frequency division duplex (FDD)” and “time division duplex (TDD)” should also be included and compared in the investigations. The transmission takes place in a MBSFN-frequency network, the same principle as known in broadcasting simulcast (e.g. DVB-T / T2 and DAB / DAB+).

With the knowledge gained from the research project, it should be possible in the long term, to attractively combine the efficiency of best broadcasting serinteraktiver Mobilfunkdienste auf einer Luftschnittstelle attraktiv zu kombinieren.

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