VIRTUOSA develops remote production solutions with 5G

In the VIRTUOSA project, solutions will be developed and tested in an operational environment in order to reduce the costs for IP-based live productions by up to 40% and at the same time produce more linear content in parallel. The goal of the participating partners is a market introduction until the end of the 24-month project duration (01/07/2019 - 30/06/2021)

VIRTUOSA consists of three core elements:
- Tailor-made architecture for SDN-based production infrastructure (LAN, WAN and 5G)
- SDN-based media server and Ethernet/IP switches
- Software for customized media network management and self-service orchestration

In practice, this allows 5G technology to be combined with virtualization concepts, making live media production more efficient, easier, scalable and cost-effective. This allows broadcasters to share production facilities, equipment, resources and personnel across multiple locations, even over long distances.

In order to guarantee the future suitability of the systems for use by broadcasters and their interoperability, IRT will be responsible for testing, proof-of-concept implementations and the creation of corresponding test methods and test plans.

In a first phase, IRT will set up a complete IP-based production environment comprising studio, control room and equipment room which will be extended by a second, remote IP production studio later and finally a mobile production will be set up using 5G mobile networks.

IRT's task is to prove that an IP-based production with SDN control (Software-Defined Networking) works in all phases and existing standards can be used and adhered to.

Next to IRT, the consortium consists of the three internationally leading enterprises Nevion AS (Norway), Mellanox Technologies LTD (Israel) and LOGIC media solutions GmbH (Germany). The project proposal for VIRTUOSA has been selected as the best proposal out of 225 applications in the highly competitive research and innovation programme "Fast Track to Innovation" which is part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 framework programme.

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