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MediaScape is a European project, starting the 23rd of September 2013 with a duration of two years and a half.

We are currently witnessing a strong trend towards powerful web-based applications – a trend which is also driving the progress of HTML5 where a wider range of devices are becoming capable of running such applications.

However, most applications are running on these devices separated from each other or, at best are only loosely coupled. The growing interest in 2nd-screen solutions within the Connected TV sector clearly shows that users expect a more consistent experience across different devices and their applications. However, to do this, broadcasters and application developers currently need to implement, distribute and maintain a set of rather complex technical solutions tailored to each of the specific target platforms.

A more versatile solution would allow the implementation of applications independent from the target devices and the application itself would be able to run across multiple user devices. This is the seed of MediaScape and its main objective is to provide solutions to overcome these problems.

MediaScape takes connected service development to a new level and lays the foundations for advanced connected multi-user services via a standardised approach integrated into the HTML5 paradigm. In this approach, the three main involved actors take advantage of Mediascape: a) the users, b) the broadcasters and c) developers and service providers.

The MediaScape project will focus on the technology to realise the dynamic multi-device multi-user service adaptation concept, seamless hybrid broadcast-Internet synchronisation, and the authentication and dynamic association. The progress beyond the state of the art in these technologies will be realised in practice via contributions to the standards following a well-defined work plan and the outcomes of the project will be published via reports, software repositories, SDKs, APIs, etc. Even if the project ends the 23rd of March 2016, there is a meticulous time-schedule to provide results to the community in intermediate phases.

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