Project Achievements

The project has organised its work according to various working threads which all lead to additional conformance tests.

The project partners started with an infrastructure which has been continuously improved and optimised in order to allow handling, joint analysis, exchange of debuggung information and managment of code for several thousands of conformance tests.

Research on Interoperability Issues and Analysis
All work was prioritised according to a research on interoperability problems carried out during the first project year.

Improvement of Test Suite for MHP 1.0.2 and MHP 1.0.3 
During the first and second project year, MHP-CONFIDENCE has reviewed, accepted and completed all test implementation work for MHP 1.0.3 and has validated a significant amount of this input. This led to a submission of 1775 tests in total from MHP-CONFIDENCE to DVB, which was also reviewed more openly in DVB with the support of the project partners and which has been approved by the DVB Steering Board on 26th Oct 2005.

Development of tests for MHP 1.1.2 and PVR/PDR in selected areas
In 2005 focussing on the additional targets to develop conformance tests for MHP 1.1.2 and for the PVR/PDR extensions of MHP has started. During the 3rd year, tests for MHP 1.1.2 have been created and validated, and major steps on the path for the development of PVR/PDR tests have been completed to an extent that a validation of an important number of tests can be expected shortly after the end of the project. Prototype receiver implementations for MHP 1.1.2 and PVR/PDR of partners have been improved in order to enable joint validation of tests in these areas. A bundle for submission of such advance tests to DVB has been created (Announcement to DVB).

Detection and resolution of specification issues for MHP 1.0.3, 1.1.2 and PVR/PDR
As a further outcome of these activities, the project identified about 220 specification issues for all three areas (MHP 1.0.3, MHP 1.1.2, PVR/PDR), reported these to DVB, contributed to solving these within DVB, and continued test development on the basis of updated and amended DVB specifications.

Business models
The project also considered a series of business models in a deliverable which target at a long term support of MHP Conformance Testing after the end of the project. A practical model has been defined and chosen and is currently settled with DVB.