The project has contributed to international standards, specifically the future maintenance of the MHP specification and the MHP Test Suite(s). Feedback from the development of conformance specifications and tests has been a significant contributor to the maintenance of the MHP specification - with focus to the new areas of MHP 1.1.2 and PVR/PDR.

Dissemination to DVB
The project has developed, validated and successfully sumitted 1775 new tests to DVB, has supported DVB's scrutinising process for finalisation of the first MHP Test Suite 1.0.3.a. It has thus been the major enabler for making a Test Suite for this version available through DVB and ETSI.

Further dissemination of the latest project results to DVB is planned, announced and expected to happen around Q1/2007.

Dissemination to Others
As well as DVB, there are other global specifications based on the MHP subset called GEM ("Globally Executable MHP"), including the OCAP (Open Cable Application Platform) developed for the US cable TV industry [background]. The project has also attracted interest from these groups[D13]. This was also supported through the project's participation at the IBC 05 conference and exhibition at the AVISTA booth organised by other EU projects.

Longer-term dissemination
In the same way as the project partners had test asstes of value (e.g. test assertions without test implementations or non-validated but implemented tests) before starting MHP-CONFIDENCE, such assets will exist after the formal end of the project. These can and will be further developed and form the basis for future dissemination activities, which is expected to primarily happen through the bodies mentioned above.

The project has analysed business plans which show that some additional money can be raised though dissemination activities, but on the other hand are not expected to re-fund the efforts spent for test development and validation - unless major changes in the policy of developing such tests were widely accepted and put into practice. However, the work of MHP-CONFIDENCE has very substantially prepared the grounds for making the following first MHP Test Suites a reality:

  • MHP 1.0.3.a (proven)
  • MHP 1.1.2 (project results expected to be disseminated in a ~1 year period)
  • MHP 1.1.2 (project results expected to be disseminated in a ~1 year period) 

A complete list of disemmination activities is available in D13 .