Eight partners with long-term and deep knowledge of the Multimedia Home Platform MHP have joined forces in order to develop and improve test cases for use within the official Conformance Testing Regime of the Digital Video Broadcasting project (DVB) as part of DVB's official Test Suite for MHP Implementations. According to DVB, every MHP Set-top box in the market must be certified with these official tests in a self-certification process run by the manufacturer.

Conformance with the standard is the basis for interoperability of MHP devices and is a key factor for the world-wide success of this European standard.

All partners of the MHP-CONFIDENCE project had already successfully joined as the MHP Test Consortium for contributing to the very first Test Suite published by DVB. During that phase, their work was mainly based on their knowledge from participating in the development of the MHP standard itself. For the research oriented work in MHP-CONFIDENCE, they can now build on this experience for this new project, but will additionally introduce knowledge from early deployment of MHP Implementations and from co-operations with broadcasters, network operators, application developers and equipment manufacturers throughout the world.

The project actively co-operates with related working groups in DVB for further improvement of the MHP standard itself and of the conformance testing for it.