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IBC 2017 Cloud Showcase


Sony plus technology partners T-Systems, IRT and Huawei demonstrate totally off-premises hosting of large-scale media production operations.

Amsterdam – 15 September:

Sony is demonstrating its Media Backbone Hive production system for news, shown implemented at IBC 2017 (14-19 September) in a totally cloud-based environment.
For the first time ever at IBC, Hive will take centre stage in a fully functional cloud-native news platform, hosted in Open Telekom Cloud – the European service operated by Deutsche Telekom-owned ICT infrastructure provider T-Systems together with its technology partner Huawei. Combining a scalable production platform like Hive with the flexibility of the cloud, Sony shows that the agile future of news production is possible for broadcasters and content creators of any size.

Hive connects with MXF Analyser Cloud Service running on Microsoft Azure. This is a cloud-enabled version of MXF Analyser, a leading file checking tool developed over the recent years by IRT.

IRT addresses Hive as part of its research on cloud production concepts and applications. It further focuses on how to integrate cloud-based solutions like Hive with existing media infrastructure,with respect to both essence and metadata.

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